tantric stimulation
Tantric Stimulation
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Tantric Stimulation

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  • Tantric Stimulation
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Track Length:  Includes 30-minute, 1 & 2-hour versions (also the raw binaural beats tone)
Sound Design: Warm pads, piano trickles, soft breaths, climactic ambience
Sound Waves: Alpha/Delta

Tantric Stimulation is the perfect musical accompaniment to solo exploration and partnered sexual encounters. The music combines sensual music and brainwave entrainment to increase feelings of desire, arousal and pleasure.

This tantric music package comes with 6 versions of varying lengths, and includes binaural beats and isochronic tones versions so that you can enjoy the effectiveness of the music through both headphones and speakers.

The same chemical system in the brain that produces feelings of pleasure when eating tasty food or making love, is also stimulated by listening to music.

Neuroscientists wondered for decades what gives music its power to induce euphoria, and now they know the answer.

In a groundbreaking study, researchers found a way to temporarily block the natural opioid substances produced by the brain when we are having a good time. Having done so, they played music to seventeen test subjects to see if this had an effect on their perception of pleasure.

Dr Daniel Levitin of McGill University in Canada, who led the study, said:

The impressions our participants shared with us after the experiment were fascinating.“One said: ‘I know this is my favourite song but it doesn’t feel like it usually does’. “Another admitted: ‘It sounds pretty, but it’s not doing anything for me’.”

This proved for the first time that opioids in the brain are directly involved in musical pleasure, because when blocked, the subjects in the study did not derive the same pleasure from the music.

We now know that when listening to music uses the brain uses the same reward pathways as when we experience sexual pleasure, and therefore the right music can act as an effective vehicle to heightening sexual arousal and feelings of pleasure.

And our Tantric Stimulation meditation does exactly that.

By combining sensual music with brainwave entrainment, Tantric Stimulation activates the pleasure centre of your brain and stimulates arousal and desire. The music can be used to increase pleasure during solo exploration or during partnered sexual interactions.

Who Can Benefit from Tantric Stimulation?

If you struggle with sexual arousal, or have trouble relaxing and letting go when exploring your body or being intimate with your partner, Tantric Stimulation will help you relax and increase your desire to open up and allow your body to experience pleasure.

The 30-minute version of Tantric Stimulation is perfect for solo masturbation, and the 1 and 2-hour versions are well suited to slower, sensual encounters with a partner.

Additionally, if you simply want to increase the duration of your sexual experience, and to heighten intensity and spiritual connection during intimacy, our tantric music will set the mood and lead you into a new realm of pleasure.

About Our Tantric Meditation Music

The instrumentation is tuned to 528 Hertz; this is known as the “love frequency”. This tuning is from the ancient Solfeggio 6-tone scale, used in sacred music such as the Gregorian Chants. The love frequency is said to connect your heart and spiritual essence to the earth.

The first half of the composition contains Alpha frequencies (underneath the music), played at 9 Hertz.

This frequency is said to promote awareness of sexuality and the reproductive system. The second half of the composition drops down to the Delta state and seeks to entrain the brain at 2.5 Hertz; a frequency associated with the production of endogenous opiates.

As the music progresses, you may feel a sedative-like effect, and feelings of being light-bodied and sexually aroused.

What You'll Receive in the Tantric Music Package

Tantric Stimulation comes with 6 versions in total.

There are 30-minute, 1-hour and 2-hour versions, with the purpose being that different durations will suit different encounters.

For example: you may choose to use the 30-minute version for self-masturbation and exploration, and the 1 and 2-hour versions for partnered encounters.

You'll receive binaural beats and isochronic tones versions of each track (duration).

For the most effective outcome, the binaural beats versions are to be listened to in headphones. The isochronic tones versions can be played out loud through a stereo system or other audio playback device.

We have included the isochronic tones versions in this package because it isn't practical to wear headphones when interacting with a partner. These versions will also be ideal for tantric sex therapists and group practitioners.

Tantric Stimulation is immediately relaxing, and there is nothing for you to do except press play, allow your mind to be absorbed by the music and begin your intimacy. When listening, set the volume music just as you would for other ambient music genres.