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Personal Power Meditation – Special Offer!
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Personal Power Meditation – Special Offer!

$ 14.99

  • Personal Power Meditation

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Length: 30 & 60-minute versions
Also Includes: 2-hour silent subliminal version / 1-hour audible affirmations version
Sound Design: Soothing pads, calming ambience, gentle piano sprinkles
Sound Waves: Alpha

– Are you struggling to put your thoughts into action?
– Do you the lack self-belief to act on your dreams and desires?
– Do you lack the discipline and efficiency to stay focussed on your goals?

Our Personal Power Meditation is designed to create a positive belief system that will help you go from daydreamer to action-taker.

Using a combination of subliminal affirmations and our signature binaural beats technology, the Personal Power Meditation entrains your subconscious mind with the fundamental principles of taking action: self-belief, positive thinking, efficiency, and discipline.

Start listening to Personal Power today and begin taking the first steps towards an unstoppable you!

We all have ideas, desires, and goals in our head.

We all daydream about what the future might look like if we were living a different life to the one we're living today.

But there are two types of people: Those who take action and those who don't.

Those who take action do so because they believe in their ability to succeed.

They understand the fundamental principles of taking action: positive thinking, self-belief, efficiency, and discipline.

Those who don't take action don't have the same belief. Instead, they have mental barriers set up around those fundamental principles and lack the mindset to move forward.

Activating your personal power is all about belief. It's about convincing yourself that you can make things happen and taking action.

It's about unlocking your potential.

Personal Power Meditation

By listening to the Personal Power Meditation, you can reprogram your subconscious and create a powerful mindset:

  • Stop thinking negativing and truly believe that you can succeed in achieving your goals.
  • Open your mind to the potential of opportunity that surrounds you every day.
  • Instead of just day-dreaming about what you could do, feel driven to take action and make those thoughts a reality.
  • Stop procrastinating and develop a sense of urgency to act now.
  • Develop an efficiency mindset and remain disciplined each day.
  • Feel positive and motivated to keep going, every day!

How It Works

This program uses subliminal affirmations set under soothing meditation music.

By subliminal, we mean you can't hear the affirmations when you listen along. They are inaudible.

This is because after the affirmations are recorded in our studio, our engineer filters the voice above the threshold of human hearing, so all you may hear (if you have good hearing) is a feint high-frequency sound.

But here's the cool part: The voice information is still there embedded in the track. So when you listen along, the affirmations bypass your conscious mind (where you process information you hear) and go directly to your subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is where all your beliefs are stored, and it's these beliefs that influence your actions in everyday life. When you listen to this meditation, the positive affirmations will reprogram your subconscious mind with positive beliefs, and in turn change your conscious behaviors.

Here's a a quick example: Let's say your first intimate relationship ended in heartache. Your subconscious mind will have recorded all the negative emotions associated with that relationship and the break-up.

This would make you overly cautious of relationships and falling deeply for someone again. You are likely to subconsciously act out avoidance behaviors in order to protect yourself from experiencing those negative emotions again.

This happens with everything in life, from failing an exam and developing an “I'm not clever” mindset to being picked on at school for being chubby and subsequently believing that no one will find you attractive.

In short, negative beliefs held in the subconscious mind can really hold us back.

But as we know, the mind can be trained, and that's exactly what the Personal Power Meditation does: It empowers you to unlock your potential.

We've written a blog post about subliminal messaging that goes into greater detail and looks at a number of research studies. You can read that here if you like.

Personal Power Affirmations

Below is a list of the 15 affirmations used in the Personal Power Meditation program.

  1. I am a positive person
  2. I am very motivated to succeed
  3. I believe in myself
  4. I can do whatever I put my mind to
  5. I see opportunities everywhere
  6. I take action instantly
  7. I make my own success
  8. I am good at making decisions
  9. I enjoy hard work
  10. I enjoy new challenges
  11. I am disciplined
  12. I enjoy getting things done
  13. I use time efficiently
  14. I make plans and follow them through
  15. I achieve all my goals

As you can see, the affirmations are very direct and specific. They are speaking to you as though you are already in ownership of the outcome. This is very important when training the subconscious mind.

Please Note: In your download package you will also receive an audible affirmations version. This is a 1-hour version with music and the affirmations spoken out loud. We provide this as an alternative listening version so you can reinforce your training via the conscious mind.

Frequency & Tuning Information

The subliminal messaging (affirmations) in the Personal Power Meditation program are combined with our signature binaural beats technology, which is the latest and most effective available.

The binaural beats frequencies used are in the Alpha range, between 12 and 14 Hz.

This range is ideal for subconscious brainwave entrainment, because it creates a relaxed yet alert state that makes you more receptive to absorbing the subliminal programming. This frequency range also makes it possible for you to listen while engage in other activities such as work on a computer, reading, or even walking.

Additionally, we have tuned the instrumentation in this composition to 528 Hz, which is a frequency taken from the ancient Solfeggio scale.

528 Hz is a harmonious frequency associated with nature, love, higher consciousness, and transformation.

In short, the Personal Power Meditation takes a multi-layered frequency approach:

  1. The binaural beats tones relax and engage your mind, giving easier access to the subconscious mind.
  2. The subliminal messaging penetrates and reprograms the subconscious mind with positive affirmations around self-belief, positivity, opportunity, and self-discipline.
  3. The Solfeggio music tuning helps in the reprogramming of beliefs and their subsequent behaviors, facilitating a change in personal power.

What You'll Receive in Your Download Package

Your download package comes with 4 versions of the Personal Power Meditation program:

Version 1: 30 and 60-minute versions. The 60-minute version is an extended version of the 30-minute version. Both these versions feature a music overlay, binaural beats frequencies underneath the track, and the subliminal affirmations.

Version 2: An audible affirmations version. In this version, the 15 affirmations are spoken (out loud) six times at various intervals of the 60-minute track.

Version 3: Subliminal affirmations version (without music overlay). This file is seemingly silent, but, if your hearing is good, you will pick up on the occasional high-pitched frequency sound  (a cricket-like sound). This sound is the affirmations playing at a frequency above the human hearing threshold.

Version 4: A raw (pure) binaural beats tone track. This is a 60-minute track of just the binaural beats frequencies on their own. Not everyone enjoys listening to this raw tone – it is an acquired taste – but it's something you might choose to experiment with.

For further information on how subliminal messaging works, you can read our FAQ here.

How to Use This Meditation

You can use the Personal Power meditation at any time of the day. It's a flexible program that can be listened to while you work or relax.

You can stand, sit or lie down when listening, and do so indoors or outside.

You can also use this program without headphones, but in doing so you will only benefit from the subliminal affirmations and not the binaural beats frequencies (because binaural beats do require headphones to be fully effective).

The 2-hour silent subliminal messaging track can be listened to using speakers or headphones, but you will need to be in earshot of the speakers to benefit from the subliminal messaging.

Typically we recommend a minimum listening time of 15 minutes, but ideally a full 30 or 60-minute session.


Download your copy of Personal Power Meditation now.