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Love Meditation – Special Offer

Love Meditation – Special Offer

$ 9.95

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Track Length: Includes 30 & 60 minute versions
Sound Design: Warm pads, soothing textures, piano droplets
Sound Waves:  Theta

Love Meditation enables you to access a state of heightened emotional receptivity, where you will manifest a deeper love and appreciation of your interpersonal relationships and the opportunity available to you.

The result is a personal magnetism that attracts love and joy into your life.

Manifesting love creates a powerful personal magnetism.

Your begin to radiate more personal joy and happiness. You become more open, more loving and more empathetic, and people are naturally influenced and attracted by your energy.

This is the law of attraction at work.

When you feel love internally, you attract love externally. You also make yourself more available for love, not just in terms of romantic encounters but through all personal relationships.

The more you manifest loving-kindness in your heart, the more positive opportunity you will attract into your life.

And there is plenty of scientific research to back this up.

For example: In this landmark study, researchers found that practicing 7 weeks of loving-kindness meditation greatly increased feelings of love, joy, contentment, gratitude, pride and hope.

These positive emotions then produced increases in a wide range of personal resources such as increased mindfulness, more purpose in life, better relationships and even decreased illness.

And this study found that loving-kindness meditation is effective for self-critical individuals in reducing self-criticism and depressive symptoms, and improving self-compassion and positive emotions. These changes were maintained three months post-intervention

In addition, other studies show that manifesting love through meditation increases empathy, makes you more helpful, and improves social connections.

Research shows that meditation increases activity in the right hemisphere of the temporal parietal juncture, an area of the brain implicated in processing emotions such as feelings of love and empathy.

How the Love Meditation Works

Love Meditation uses a combination of musical attributes.

Firstly, we use theta waves at 6.15 Hertz, a frequency associated with the heart (warmth and love). The theta waves take you into a meditative state and provide a gateway to insight, healing, intuition, and access to inner guidance.

The music used in the recording is tuned to 639 Hertz, a frequency taken from the sacred Solfeggio scale and said to enable the creation of harmonious interpersonal relationships between family, partners, friends and community.

This frequency is also said to encourage the body to communicate with its environment; enhancing communication, understanding and tolerance. Just perfect for manifesting and attracting love.

Regular use of the Love Meditation will result in a remarkable change in attitude and self-empowerment, and in your receptivity to love, affection and appreciation of life.

Love Meditation is best listened to in a calm, quiet environment, free of distraction. It is designed for use in normal meditation practice, so please sit down (on a chair or on the floor), close your eyes, press play and let the music lead you.

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