Astral Projection Meditation
Astral Projection
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Astral Projection

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  • Astral Projection

Track Length: Includes 30 & 60-minute versions and the raw binaural beats tone
Also Includes: Astral Projection Guidebook
Sound Design: Mystical pads, detuned bells, transcendent effects,
Sound Waves: Theta

Our Astral Projection meditation guides you into the transitional stage between wakefulness and sleep (the hypnagogic state), where you will experience and follow visual, auditory, and other sensory events that will lead you to the portal of the astral plane.

Included in your download package is a 6-Step Astral Projection guide that provides all the information you need to understand and successfully achieve astral travel.

Astral Projection, also known as out-of-body experience (OBE), is a phenomenon in which a person's consciousness or awareness seems to leave their physical body and travel to other dimensions or realms.

The subjective and metaphysical nature of astral projection means that the experience can vary greatly from person to person.

Whether it is a genuine transcendence of consciousness or a complex interplay of mental processes and beliefs remains an open question that continues to be explored by spiritual practitioners, researchers, and those interested in exploring altered states of consciousness.

Our Astral Projection meditation is designed to facilitate astral travel through the use of brainwave entrainment.

The program begins by using Alpha waves to tune into your current mind state. The program then gradually lower in frequency by 1 Hz per minute, stimulating your creative senses and entraining your brain deeper into relaxation at every level.

The program finally settles in the Theta state at 6.3 Hz, which is the frequency associated with the realm of Astral Projection.

At approximately 8-12 minutes, you will begin to enter the hypnagogic state, a state where your body and mind are on the edge of sleep. This state is related to the brain's changing electrical activity as it shifts from a more alert state to a relaxed state conducive to sleep.

The experiences in the hypnagogic state can be rather vivid and can sometimes feel so real that people may question whether they were dreaming or awake when recalling them later.

At this point, you will need to maintain your awareness and prevent your brain from falling asleep, which can be achieved by focusing on the images, hallucinations, and other mental experiences you see in front of you.

As your third eye becomes increasingly stimulated, your physical body will fall asleep, but your mind will remain engaged in the journey. It is at this point that some people experience the opening of a portal, which you will need to enter to embark upon your astral projection journey.

The 6-Step Astral Projection Guide

The program is accompanied by “Ultimate Astral Projection,” a guide that helps you understand exactly what astral projection is, how to cultivate a mind state conducive to astral projection, and how this program can aid you in achieving astral projection.

The guide details a proven 6-step formula for you to follow while listening along.

Using this technique, you will learn how to stimulate and open your third eye, and subsequently open the astral gateway, enabling you to release your consciousness from the physical world and enter the astral plane.

The guide explains what to expect, how to cope with the unexpected, the best times to project, and how to distinguish the dream world from the astral plane.

If you are interested in exploring the astral plane, our binaural beats Astral Projection meditation program is your ticket to an alternative dimension!