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Anxiety Release

Anxiety Release

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  • Anxiety Release

Track Length: Includes 30 & 60-minute versions & the raw binaural beats tone
Sound Design: Soothing strings, gentle keys
Sound Waves: Alpha

Set under soothing music, Anxiety Release uses proven Alpha wave frequencies to relieve symptoms of anxiety, including shortness of breath, sweaty palms, butterflies in the stomach, fatigue and feelings of confusion.

If you suffer from anxiety prior to events such as a job interview, public speaking, social gathering, air travel or a medical procedure, Anxiety Release will help calm your nervousness and apprehension, enabling you to approach the situation in a calmer, more confident state of mind.

Everyone who suffers knows the immense help that listening to meditation music for anxiety can provide. And the even better news is that when combined with binaural beats, its effectiveness has been shown to increase.

In fact, numerous studies have demonstrated the positive impact of listening to binaural beats music on alleviating symptoms of anxiety. These symptoms include shortness of breath, sweaty palms, butterflies in the stomach, fatigue, worry, and feelings of confusion.

For example: a study on pre-operative anxiety in patients undergoing general anesthesia showed binaural beats music has the potential to significantly decrease acute anxiety.

In a study of preoperative dental patients, an area in which many people find themselves feeling anxious, researchers found that the experimental group using binaural beats experienced reduced anxiety.

Another study showed a decrease in anxiety, and an increase in happiness, when the binaural beats music was used regularly over a 60-day period.

Many millions of people experience anxiety, whether it be in the form of generalized anxiety disorder or specific types such as panic disorder, social anxiety, or phobia-related anxiety.

It is therefore not surprising that our Anxiety Release meditation track has become one of our most popular offerings. Its effectiveness lies in its capacity to reduce anxiety by entraining the brain to adopt a calmer disposition.

How Anxiety Release Works

Anxiety Release utilizes low-frequency Alpha waves to entrain the brain, inducing a state of calmness while maintaining awareness and increasing confidence.

Regularly listening to this program will help improve emotional balance, leading to a reduction in anxiety during social situations and challenging life events that typically trigger anxiety. With a calmer disposition, you will also experience heightened positivity and confidence, enhanced mental clarity, and improved focus.

Anxiety Release incorporates two specific frequencies known for their effectiveness in anxiety treatment: 8 Hz and 8.6 Hz. The track initially begins at 8.6 Hz, then transitions to 8 Hz, and finally returns to 8.6 Hz. In the 30-minute version, each frequency lasts for 10 minutes, while in the 60-minute version, they extend to 20 minutes.

Additionally, you will receive a 60-minute version of the raw binaural beats tone, without the music overlay.

To complement the binaural beats frequencies, we have tuned the music in this program to 396 Hz. This is a frequency taken from the ancient solfeggio scale, and is associated with liberating the listener from fear, sorrow, grief, and guilt. This tuning helps reinforce the release of anxiety and the negative feelings that contribute to its symptoms.

How to Use Anxiety Release

You can listen to Anxiety Release prior to an anxiety-inducing event such as a job interview, public speaking engagement, or social gathering. Additionally, the program can be used whenever you want to alleviate feelings of anxiety.

Anxiety Release is designed to induce relaxation without causing sleepiness or drowsiness, and can be utilized at any place and time during the day.

However, if you experience anxiety before sleep, or struggle to calm your mind in the evening, we recommend exploring our Theta and Delta state programs, which are also very effective in alleviating anxiety.

Download Anxiety Release now and experience the natural way to achieve a state of calmness and happiness.