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Unearthing the Power of Beta Binaural Beats

The effects of binaural beats on the human mind were posited 35 years ago, but as we know, the concept of binaural beats is almost two hundred years old!

The frequency following response is a proven science, one that has been used by ancient cultures to stimulate healing and spirituality for decades.

Binaural beats are becoming increasingly popular, particularly among those seeking natural relaxation, better concentration, sleep and deep meditation.

These are all things that people regularly struggle with, often in sequence.

But few people realize that outside of the relaxing and meditative properties of theta binaural beats and the creative and inspirational properties of alpha binaural beats, there are beta binaural beats, too, which we’re going to explore in this post.

How Beta Binaural Beats Work

Beta waves in particular are the dominant brainwave pattern during waking hours; our cognitive function frequency runs between 12 and 38 Hz.

The rule of thumb is the more complex the cognitive process, the higher the frequency. When we are engaged in complex problem solving, it’s the beta wave.

The beta state is also the underlying frequency to states of anxiety and high-level stress, often referred to as the “fight or flight state, a state when the body rapidly produces a lot of energy in order to cope with threats to survival.

This occurs in the higher end of the beta scale, and is the reason why you don’t often find recordings produced using frequencies over 25hz – because extensive exposure to such frequencies can trigger the release of stress hormones and symptoms such as a rapid heart beat and faster breathing.

At the lower end of the beta scale, however, we are able to produce recordings that stimulate the brain and trigger positive benefits such as improved learning ability, increased physical energy and general higher awareness and sharpness, like our Super Brain Power, and Energy Express tracks.

Beta frequency binaural-beat audio signals were utilized to investigate facilitation of human performance on two memory tasks and two memory related tasks. Subjects were 50 college students randomly assigned with a double-blind methodology to the control or experimental groups.

The control group listened to instrumental music. The experimental group listened to the same music with binaural-beat audio signals bedded under the music. The four dependent variables used were a 25 item word list recall test, a 25 item word list recall/recognition test, and from the WAIS-R the digit symbol and digit span subtests.

The experimental group displayed statistically significant (p>.05) increases in mean scores with the word list recall test, the digit symbol subtest, and the digit span subtest.

The results indicate that beta frequency binaural-beat audio signals are an effective method for facilitating simple free recall memory, ability to attend, and the ability to persevere at routine motor tasks.

~ An Empirical Investigation Into the Effect of Beta Frequency Binaural-beat Audio Signals on Four Measures of Human Memory – By Richard Cauley Kennerly

Combat Tiredness & Wake Up Your Brain

Beta binaural beats music is especially good for stimulating the brain when you feel worn out but really need to become alert.

Typically you might use a beta track when you’ve been up late the night before and need a pick-me-up to be attentive at work.

Think of a beta binaural beats track like a natural wake-up pill such as over the counter products like Pro-Plus.

The difference is that there’s no high-to-low crash with beta music like you’d get with excess caffeine, just a gradual decline later in the day back to a relaxed, tired state.

Picture the scene if you can- you wake up feeling lethargic and hazy headed. You’ve got a big day ahead but you’re lacking enthusiasm and feel like even at a push you won’t be on your best form – there’s too much mental static going on in your mind for you to apply yourself to your best ability.

This is where listening to beta binaural beats come in; like using a tuning fork for a piano, your mind tunes up to the right pitch.

With such a broad range of potential uses, binaural beats music has many benefits to offer, and beta recordings are no exception.

Binaural beats are able to improve our sleep, concentration, learning ability and physical energy levels, all in a natural, harmless way.

It’s time to unlock the potential within you and give our special music a try.

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