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how long does it take binaural beats to work

How Long Does it Take Binaural Beats to Work?

We get a number of emails from people asking how long it takes binaural beats to work before they buy, so I thought it was worth posting up on the blog on this topic.

All our recordings go through a testing phase before being put to market. We test the frequency response process on both experienced binaural beats meditators and new users who want to try the technology. As such, we don't release a recording until it has proven effective for its purpose.

For example, f the recording is aimed at increasing concentration then we ask the tester to read or write before and after listening to the recording, and to then note differences in concentration level post the recording.

If the recording is aimed at increasing relaxation we will ask a series of questions before and after the recording to determine how relaxed the user feels.

With our  Deep Sleep recording we ran a testing phase over 2 weeks with poor sleepers, and asked them to document how fast they fell asleep and how long they slept for after listening to the recording an hour before bedtime.

In terms of how quickly the effects take to become apparent, this is 99% of the time in the first sitting. If it isn't we look at how the recording can be tweaked for better performance.

Of course, some people will take longer to feel the effects than others, particularly, for example, if the user has experienced difficulty going from Beta to Theta for a long period of time.

Perhaps anxiety has become habitual over 6 months: in such a case it may take a few listenings over a period of a few days for the frequency response process to start being effective.

As with any natural therapy the results differ from person to person, and it takes an element of commitment from the user to see the best results.

However, the technology is proven, so if you don't feel the effects after 3-4 days worth of brain entrainment, then the recording is probably not of a good standard.

For more information on binaural beats check out our FAQ. And if you have any other specific questions don't hesitate to drop us an email.

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