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How Long Does It Take Binaural Beats to Work?

Binaural beats are popular for relaxation, sleep, improving cognitive ability, healing and more, but how long does it take binaural beats to work?

The simple answer to this question is that the large majority of people feel a mental shift within their first session. Most listeners usually feel some change in mental state within 15 minutes of listening.

However, everyone is different and this can vary from person to person, and there are a number of variables to consider. So let's have a look at these different circumstances and determine how quickly our special music is likely to positively impact your brain state.

The Greater Your Need the Greater the Impact

If prior to listening to a recording designed for stress release, you had been in a high state of stress for a long period of time, you are likely to feel quite a big release and a shift from being highly strung out and on edge to feeling calm and relaxed.

This may even result in physical shifts such as muscle twitching or feeling like you want to take a nap. A less stressed person is obviously likely to feel a smaller shift.

The same may occur if you're using a Delta frequency track to help you sleep. If you haven't been sleeping well lately and you have built up a sleep deficit, the recording may have a much bigger impact on you than someone who sleeps quite well but just wants to enhance his or her sleep further for a deeper, more restful sleep.

Regardless of where you are on the spectrum of your requirements, the majority of people will feel an impact from the first session, simply because the music itself is designed to complement the binaural beats brainwave entrainment.

The instrumentation in our music is tuned to a specific frequency (depending on the recording), which also influences how you feel. And because our music in general has innate properties that will relax you or stimulate a particular sense or part of the body, it is inevitable that you will feel a positive reaction.

The majority of users report feeling far more relaxed and centered in the present moment. And post listening feel more positive and generally happier.

This is not surprising because the listening experience is akin to meditation practice, and as science has shown on numerous occasions, meditation brings with it a long list of positive health benefits.

Start remapping your brain for better performance today.

Expect a Cumulative Effect

Consider that some recordings have, by design, a more cumulative effect than others.

For example, a recording that contains binaural beats and subliminal affirmations and is designed to improve your self-confidence or motivation may require 7-14 days of regular listening to really manifest results. The same could be said for a recording designed to improve memory and learning capacity.

That being said, while you may experience a quicker response from a recording designed for relaxation, sleep or spiritual consciousness, all our recordings have an accumulative effect in that more regularly you listen the greater the benefits.

Strive for Consistency

What's clear is that the best results come with consistent listening.

As we advise in our guide, which can be downloaded here, you should create a listening routine that falls in line with your goals. Ideally this would be 2-3 recordings a day, listened to over a period of a couple of weeks.

Unlike prescription medication drugs that have the ability to alter our brain state immediately and temporarily, binaural beats is a holistic brainwave entrainment therapy that seeks to create a “whole functioning brain”.

So, with a regular routine, you will see a holistic change: less stressed and anxious, able to focus better, more productive, more creative, more confident and positive.

While we sell different recordings for different goals, there is a lot of overlap between products and when using more than one of our recordings you will find that not only does the area you are focusing on improve, but other areas of your life begin to improve too.

So if you are listening to a recording to help you with creating a more positive outlook on life, you will also find that you begin to sleep better, that your relationships improve, and your confidence and motivation levels are increased.

This is because different areas of our mental function are linked. For example, productivity is linked to motivation, anxiety is linked to poor sleep, and negativity is linked to lower levels of creativity and enthusiasm.

It is for this reason that we get feedback from our listeners describing improvements in a variety of areas of their lives, not just the area that they started out with wanting to improve in.

Breaking Habits

It is important to understand that this is a natural therapy and a natural approach to improving mental stability, health and cognitive function.

If you have struggled with anxiety, insomnia, lack of confidence, procrastination or a habit such as smoking for a long time, is unlikely that you are going to break this habit within a couple of days.

That doesn't mean that the music won't provide you with some immediate relief; of course you should listen to the music when you feel that you need help in this particular area. But you should also be aware that it is going to take regular use to produce sustainable results.

For those using our subliminal messaging range, we typically advise that you will see noticeable and sustainable results within one to two weeks, but for some this might happen much quicker.

In the short term, in the majority of circumstances there is a noticeable mental shift within the first few sessions (as described earlier in this article).

Best Results: Be Committed & a Little Patient

Our music has been used to help anxiety sufferers, those with insomnia, veterans with PTSD, teenagers with ADHD, women with confidence and weight issues, those with addiction problems and more.

But as with any natural therapy, the results differ from person to person, and it does take a commitment from the user to achieve the best results.

For more general information on our special music you can read our FAQ. Or to get started now, visit the store page here.



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