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The 5 Properties of Good Meditation Music

Not all meditation music is created equally. Some just doesn't hit the spot, and doesn't take you into that zone, that place where all your worries and stresses fall away amidst a serene back drop of calming, peaceful sounds. If you're looking for good meditation music then look for these→ Read more

Analyzing the Core Advantages of Meditation

Our lives are getting busier. We do more, we think more and time always seems to be in short supply. Contemplating sitting down for an hour to meditate seems - on the face of it - like a waste of precious time. But the fact is, meditation creates a flow→ Read more
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A Quick Lesson in Breathing That Will Improve Your Health

Meditation is all about relaxation, and even though specific binaural beats meditation music is engineered to induce deep states of relaxation to combat stress and anxiety or cultivate deeper spiritual awareness, this process can be enhanced by simply learning to breathe properly.
→ Read more

How to Rest in the Space of Deep Meditation

Mindfulness teacher Alfred James once famously described the state of meditation as "Resting in the space between thoughts". He explained that there is a space which one can reside in when one thought leaves the mind and another one enters. That space is the area in which the mind can→ Read more © 2011-2020. Mindful Media.