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All the Benefits of Meditation, Effortlessly

I've never heard anything like this!

Hello! I've listened to your music. I've never heard anything like this!? Arvo Pärt and many masters had written great, great music, but this requires a consciousness beyond humanity, it's not just random harmonies and muzak like healing music that you hear everywhere. Who wrote this divine music?



So glad I found you!

Have listened to Blissful Sleep, Deep Sleep, Tinnitus Relief, Chakra Healing so far, and loved every one of them. Knowing I have more new ones to hear is exciting! I've used several entrainment music products before and yours to me are better. So glad I found you. I put your tinnitus track on and by the end of the half hour, the persistent loud ringing in my ears was gone and I could go back to sleep. I was amazed! Thanks for ALL your terrific meditations!


Washington, USA

The only thing that has helped me

I recently bought Power Nap, Deep Meditation and Chakra Healing after downloading your sample of Chill Pill. I am very ill and sleep maybe four hours maximum if I am lucky, often less. I just wanted you to know that Power Nap has made a huge difference–the ONLY thing that has done, in over ten years of trying everything for sleep. It's also really helpful when I have a deadline (I work at home as a ghostwriter); I use it to rejuvenate me.



I feel incredibly better

It worked perfectly, I cant thank you enough! just changed my life. I feel incredibly better in many areas of my life!



A wonderful thing for elders

I love your work and look forward to telling others on my Facebook page about it. So many people don't know about binaural beats, and I think it's a wonderful thing for elders.


Manhattan, USA

Welcome to Binaural Beats Meditation

Over the last 12 years, we've helped thousands of people around the world improve their lives through the power of sound.

We design soothing, meditative tracks, each layered with specific frequencies (sound waves) that enable you to access deeper states of relaxation, focus, learning, and healing. 

Our special music uses a science known as ‘frequency following response’ to entrain your brain for positive states of wellbeing. This is known as brainwave entrainment.

As you listen to our music, it encourages your brain to produce brainwaves in a specific frequency range. For example: if you are listening to a program for relaxation purposes, your brainwaves will begin to slow down and synchronize with the frequencies in the music.

Improve Your Health & Wellbeing Today

Whether you want to relieve stress and anxiety, increase focus and productivity, improve your sleep, or reduce pain and tension in your body, our music is a proven natural therapy to help address a broad range of problem areas. 

At the touch of a button, our special music promotes a profound mind-body connection that quickly and effortlessly helps you manifest the benefits of traditional meditation, which would otherwise take a lot of time and practice to achieve.

With regular listening, you will notice improvements in your health, happiness, and overall wellbeing.

In addition to our signature binaural beats product range, we also have a subliminal messaging category. These programs contain positive affirmations to help you overcome self-limiting beliefs around problem areas such as fear, lack of confidence, motivation, weight loss, addiction, and more.

Whatever area of your life you want to improve, or health issue you want to address, simply choose a program, put on your headphones, relax, and press play.

Click here to browse our store of high-quality binaural beats meditation downloads and start your self-improvement journey today.

Our Customer Service Commitment

We are here to support you. If you have any questions about using our music, please first visit our FAQ page. If you can't find the answer you are looking for there, please use our contact form.

We provide email support 7 days a week, with limited support on weekends.

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