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Why You Should Use Binaural Beats For Studying

The art of meditation has been used to center the mind for hundreds of years. Whether for achieving a heightened state of spirituality or to master control of the mind to endure pain or times of hardship, meditation is a powerful life tool.

In modern times people use meditation not just to overcome stress and anxiety and other mental sufferance but to unlock the power of the mind to achieve rapid progress.

One key area where binaural beats are being utilized is study, at colleges and other educational institutions.

Many of us find it very difficult to concentrate and get in the zone for extensive periods of study; often our favorite music isn't enough to divert our attention from more appealing activities and general distractions of the mind. Brain entrainment provides a natural, safe way to optimize concentration.

Within minutes of listening to a targeted binaural recording through headphones the brain state is altered by the frequency response process, and the listener will enter a similar zone to that of a meditative state.

The mind is centered and ready to engage in a single task of study, undistracted and “zoned in”. The mind becomes highly receptive to information, ready to soak up knowledge. The learning centers in the brain are opened us as the mind becomes settled, relaxed and still.

The expression “focused like a zen monk” is common for this reason. If we look across Martial Arts disciplines like Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Shaolin Kung Fu, etc, meditation techniques are used to induce a state of mental balance conducive to learning, healing and health and spiritual connection.

The discovery of brain entrainment and its subsequent evolvement during the 80s and 90s has taken made it possible to access the benefits of traditional meditation through an audible medium. All you need is headphones and a non-distracting environment for the duration of listening.

Binaural beats engineered in the high Theta and Alpha zones will aid those who have trouble studying in focusing with deep concentration for long periods of time.

Adults in particular lose their ability to study like they did in their late teens and twenties, unable to absorb large amounts of information required for sitting exams and writing extended documents. Binaural beats meditation facilitates higher education learning for adults are learning in the workplace where study is required for career progression.

  • Theta : 4 ~ 8 Hz – Dream state, deep meditation/relaxation, high level creativity
  • Alpha : 8 ~ 14 Hz – Relaxation, high focus and concentration
  • Beta : 14 ~ 40 Hz – Awake, alert, engrossed in a mind gripping activity

If you are finding hard to sit down and get your work done, either at college or at work, and become easily distracted when you do, check out our Zen Focus and our Super Brain Power meditations

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