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What is The Most Relaxing Music in the World?

Music has the wonderful ability to take us to different places; music can take us from a bad mood to a happy one, and from highly stressed to relaxed in just a few minutes.

This is because music stimulates the brain, and the brain associates specific sounds with specific moods, and also because the brain responds in a particular way to certain frequencies.

What is the Most Relaxing Music?

The most relaxing music is undoubtedly music that is connected to the natural environment. It is no coincidence that when you go into a spa or massage therapy shop you hear music playing that uses soundscapes of the rainforest, water, wind chimes and other natural ambience.  Often this music is mixed with soft instrumentation such as dreamy synthesised chords, light piano and soft pads.

Natural ambience reflects the natural world, which is ultimately what we are interconnected with. We feel good when we're near water, when we see flowers and tress, when we lie in the grass, when we feel the sun on our face.

And so hearing these feelings emulated by sound takes us away from the modern, somewhat unnatural existence we live day-in-day out, and reconnects us back with our centre of being.

Relaxing music is constant, without sudden breaks or too much movement, and tends not to have a destination in that it's open-ended and allows the listener to get lost in their own journey.

Relaxing music is subtle in its approach; serene, calming, thought provoking and dream-evoking, yet reassuring and wholly pleasant.

Music designed specifically for meditation adopts the same approach; bells, chimes, gentle (real) chanting and other natural ambience is captured to help bring the mind to centre and release attachment to worldly possessions, judgment and unfounded perceptions.

The intention of meditation is to simply let go and rest in pure awareness, to cultivate clear seeing, which essentially what most who try use relaxing music are trying to achieve, whether they realise it or not.

It is therefore no coincidence that many people who listen to relaxing music make a progression into a form of meditation, be it yoga meditation chakra meditation, metta meditation, vipassana or other.

How to Remain Relaxed After the Music

While relaxing music can take us to a place of peace, temporarily relieving stress and anxiety, our mood can quickly change once the music is turned off and our mind busies itself with life again.

To help combat suffering of the mind and induce a constant mindful, calm state, it is possible to lay specific frequencies underneath relaxing music to entrain the brain to relax. These frequencies usually replicate the theta or alpha brain states, which are states of low brain activity.

This process is known as brainwave entrainment, and is what we specialise here at BBM. We use a technology called binaural beats, which simply requires you to use headphones while listening to the special recording.

We produce recordings for different life areas such as stress relief, meditation, sleep, increased energy and better memory, each with its own special frequency track underneath the recording.

Once you have used binaural beats relaxation recordings a few times, you'll find it easier to relax in situations that previously made you feel stressed, nervous or anxious.

If you're searching for the most relaxing music then check out our Chill Pill, Spiritual Awakening, and Deep Meditation tracks. There are samples to listen to on each page, and if you want a longer sample, you can grab a download here.

These meditations use calm, relaxing background music that creates a spacious state conducive to entraining the brain for relaxation.

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