Muscle Relaxation – Special Offer

Muscle Relaxation – Special Offer

$ 4.00

  • Muscle Relaxation

Track Length: Includes 30 & 60 minute versions
Sound Design: Warm pads, relaxing textures
Sound Waves:  Theta/Delta

Muscle Relaxation takes you into a blissful state of deep peace. Underneath soothing, ambient music, we use theta and delta waves to slow your heart rate and increase blood flow to activate the body’s natural healing abilities.

In this state of renewal, your body uses its own powerful healing process to rejuvenate tired, stiff or injured muscles.

The ancient Greeks knew music had extraordinary healing properties, and modern medicine now knows it too.

Recent medical studies confirm what the Greeks thought. Music slows heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and reduces levels of stress hormones. It can also provide some relief to heart attack and stroke victims and patients undergoing surgery.

Interestingly, it also increases blood flow, which is great for healing tired, stiff, sore and injured muscles.

I quote, from Harvard Medical School:

At the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore, researchers measured blood flow as healthy volunteers listened to music or relaxation tapes. Blood flow increased significantly while the volunteers listened to music that evoked joy or to relaxation tapes, and decreased while they listened to music that provoked anxiety.

When we increase blood flow, new blood circulates around the body and carries with it oxygen and nutrients that are crucial to the healing process. By improving circulation and blood flow, more healing nutrients and oxygen reach the cells and help rejuvenate the body.

This is the exact intention of our Muscle Relaxation meditation: it relaxes your mind, slowing your heart rate and reducing your sensitivity to any aches or discomfort you might have; and subsequently improves blood flow through your body and into your muscles.

How to Use Our Muscle Relaxation Meditation

Find somewhere quiet, warm and comfortable. You can sit or lie down. A bed, armchair, sofa, or even a carpeted floor is fine.

Turn off any distractions such as the TV or radio. Close the door so external noise can't disturb you, and put your phone on silent. When you feel comfortable, put on your headphones and press play.

You might also like to listen to this music if you are taking a long journey on a train or airplane.

As you listen, you will sense the vibration of the frequencies resonating through the music, entraining your brain into deep relaxation as a feeling of non-physical massage engulfs your body.

It is not unusual to fall into light sleep, so if you feel yourself falling, just lay back and allow yourself to go with it; the music will continue to do its work.

Muscle Relaxation starts with theta wave frequencies: These are slow waves that put the brain in a relaxed state. We use a frequency of 7.83 Hz, which is associated with healing and recovery. We then entrain the brain to a lower frequency, using delta waves, which settle at 3 Hz – a frequency associated with the relief of muscle tension and moderate pain.

For the music tuning we use 528 Hz – a frequency adopted from the ancient Solfeggio scale – which is said to promote deep inner peace and DNA repair. We think you'll agree that using this tuning has made the composition deeply soothing.

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