Download Guide for iOS & Android Device Users

This file size of our audio tracks is much larger than that of a standard .mp3 file, and we therefore recommend you download over a WIFI connection instead of 3/4 G, which can be slow and in some cases may cause a download error.

When downloading on a PC or a Mac, simply click on the link provided with your order and your download should start immediately.

You can also log into your account on the my account page.

download mp3 to ipad

After your purchase, you can either download your order using the links in the email we send you, or login to your account and download your files from your dashboard.

The username for your account will be the email you used to purchase your order. The password will be sent to you in a separate email once your order has been processed.

If you find that when you click on the download like inside your email that the file opens and plays in your browser window, simply “right-click and save as” to save the file to your computer, or click the download symbol next to the player, as seen in the screenshot below (right-hand side):


The download button is the arrow on the right-hand-side of the image.

How to Download .mp3 Files to an Android Phone/Tablet

Android devices respond in pretty much the same way desktop computers do, and there shouldn't be a problem downloading an .mp3 file to an Android phone or tablet.

If you download the file to your Android device and can't find the file on your device, it's probably because you haven't got a file manager installed.

A file manager is an app that helps manage your files. Inside the file manager you can access your music, videos, PDF files and other media. If you need a file manager app, try ES File Manager or File Commander for Android.

How to Download .mp3 files to an iPhone or iPad

If you are using an iPad or iPhone, you may need to download the .mp3 files to your computer first.

This is because iOS mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone don't allow mp3 file downloads from the browser into iTunes (unlike Android devices which have no such restriction).

There are some apps like Documents and Dropbox that will allow you to download the Mp3 file and play it on your iPhone, but they don’t let you transfer the music into iTunes.

If you want the music to play in iTunes on your iPhone or iPad, the easiest way to achieve this is to do the following:

1. First download the files to your desktop or laptop computer (Mac or PC).

2. Once downloaded, locate the file(s) on your computer and drag and drop into iTunes.

If you use a Mac, you can just pull the file onto the icon of the iTunes program in the task bar at the bottom of the screen and it will be added to the library. You will find the file you added under the ‘recently added' section in iTunes.

3. Once the files you want to transfer to your iPhone or iPad are loaded into iTunes, connect your iPad/iPhone to your computer via the transfer cable (usually this is just your charger cable with a USB connection on one end).

4. You will then see the icon of your iPhone or iPad appear in iTunes (see under devices). This shows you that your device is connected.


When you drop your file into iTunes, it will be filed under the ‘recently added' section. Click on that to find the file. When your iPhone or iPad is connected, it will appear in the devices section, as seen above.

You can now drag and drop the tracks you want to load onto your iPhone or iPad onto the image of your device (in the device window), just as you would when normally transferring music to your iPad/iPhone.

You can also “right-click” and choose to add to your device too.

download mp3 to iphone

In this image, I am clicking on and dragging the track I want to add to my iPhone onto the iPhone icon in the devices window. This will add the .mp3 to my iPhone.

When you disconnect your device, your music will be on available on your iPhone or iPad.

There is an Apple tutorial with screenshots showing exactly how to do this here on the Apple support site.

If you have any difficulty downloading your files, or require a new download link please contact us using this form and we’ll get back to you within 8 hours (usually much quicker!)

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