Wow, this track is amazing, wonderful, exhilarating. Its definitely the correct tool for raising your vibration and feeling the Kundalini energy awaken  love it, love, love it, thank you .

Have listened to Blissful Sleep, Deep Sleep, Tinnitus Relief, Chakra Healing so far, and loved every one of them. Knowing I have more new ones to hear is exciting! I've used several entrainment music products before, from Holosync and Centerpointe. Yours, to me, are better than Holosync and comparable to the original Centerpointe – superior to their later offerings. So glad I found you – through the Pocket Mindfulness website, by the way.

You've been very kind–and patient with your advice!  I will definitely direct friends to your site.  It's wonderful how alternative therapies like yours are finally making their way into the mainstream, slowly but surely. 

Your downloads are fantastic in the production quality, music arrangements, choice of instrumentation, accompanying instructions→ Read more
I can't tell you how much I have been enjoying my experiences with Binaural Beats. It has only been a few days but I already feel happier, calmer and in control of my emotions.→ Read more
I've tried a few stores in the last year and your music really shines above the rest. Standout favourites for me are Deep Meditation & Chill Pill.→ Read more

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