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How to Rest in the Space of Deep Meditation

Mindfulness guru Alfred James once famously described the state of meditation as “Resting in the space between thoughts”.

He explained that there is a space which one can reside in when one thought leaves the mind and another one enters.

That space is the area in which the mind can truly rest without being pulled in different directions by thought. The more adept at meditating a person becomes, the longer they are able to rest in this space.

The Meditation Space

This meditation space allows a person to cultivate true awareness and spiritual consciousness, to connect with their third eye and open up the sixth sense of ‘awareness'. In meditation the mind is emptied of attachment and aversion.

There are no thoughts of the past (what could have been) and no thoughts of the future (what might be). There is just the now, the present moment.

The idea is to rest the mind in the purity of the only moment that is real, and that is this moment. Doing so will lead the practitioner into the state of meditation.

Of course, accessing such a realm of peace and tranquility is extremely difficult when we lead such a hectic lives. The mind is never truly allowed to settle because there is so much to think about. We thrive on being busy and always having something to do, somewhere to go and something to think about.

What we don't realise is that out of this state of being arises stress and anxiety. Without allowing the mind to truly come home to itself once in a while means that we never truly rest. The mind is constantly wandering. The knock on effect of this is that we experience suffering, both mentally and physically.

We may suffer headaches, fatigue and other stress-related symptoms. The immune system is weakened as we become worn down, which makes us susceptible to colds, viruses and other common illness. Without knowing how to turn the mind off our sleep begins to suffer.

We toss and turn in bed, as we are unable to turn off the constant projections of the mind. which again negatively impacts health.

And this is the reason so many people turn to meditation, because constantly being on auto-pilot with no off switch to let us properly rest eventually takes its toll. It affects our ability to be healthy, happy and content, and to fully enjoy life in the moment.

The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is a natural cure for the suffering of mind that has been used for thousands of years. But to cultivate a state of meditation takes practice, and it's something that most people find impossible because the moment they close their eyes the mind starts wandering all over the place.

We are easily distracted when we sit still because we aren't used to just ‘being'; we are always ‘doing'. In fact, it's quite a scary thought for most people to have to turn off the television, turn off the phone,  and sit alone for a while trying not to be distracted.

For many, not being distracted and taking time to simple ‘be' sounds boring.

What non-meditators don't realise is that meditation is a liberating exercise. Meditation gives us leave of the grasping and striving of everyday life and assists us in connecting with the true self, and the true reality of life.

Anyone who meditates will tell you that there is an indescribable feeling that arises out of deep meditation, a feeling of being connected with nature and all its intrinsic components. Meditation sparks creativity, and increases productivity, focus and concentration.

This is due to the simple fact that the mind is brought to centre and the meditator finds space to balance their mind, body and soul. In turn this leads to increased happiness and feelings of joy, contentment and peace.

It's no coincidence that those who meditate have a calm, peaceful aura about them, and often a graceful, gentle approach to life.

This is because we are a product of our thoughts; our judgements and perceptions, and if we can learn to balance the mind through meditation, our quality of life is greatly enhanced.

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