Theta Rain

Theta Rain

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  • Theta Rain

Length: Includes 30 & 60-minute versions and the raw binaural beats tone
Sound Design: Tropical rainfall
Sound Waves: Theta

Theta Rain combines a professional field recording of tropical rain with relaxing Theta binaural beats frequencies.

The result is a deeply soothing brain massage, perfect for relieving stress, emptying the mind, and letting go of worries.

Simply sit down, slip on your headphones, relax, and press play.

Have you ever wondered why rain is so soothing and relaxing?

It's because the brain perceives rain as a non-threatening sound.

As primates, we are wired to pick up on threats, which usually come in the form of high-pitched sounds like a scream, birds squawking suddenly from the tree tops, branches snapping, or thunder overhead.

In the modern day, we perceive sounds like car alarms and the crash of something dropping to the floor in a similar way.

Rain is soothing because it generally indicates a peaceful time, a time when the forest is fairly quiet and animals take shelter. During rain, threats are lower and temperaments are calmer.

Our Theta Rain meditation combines the relaxing properties of authentic tropical rain with Theta binaural beats frequencies.

How Theta Rain Helps You Relax

Theta binaural beats are proven to relax the mind and promote a meditative state (1).

We use a 6 Hz frequency in Theta Rain, which is the central point of the Theta state and perfect for deep relaxation and introspection.

We mentioned the primal connection to rain and the reason humans find it comforting above, but there's another element to the equation.

Rain is also a form of white noise. White noise comprises a range of frequencies that combine to create a wall of sound that is capable of blocking out other sounds in the environment.

Wind, ocean waves, and a static radio signal are examples of white noise.

Rain is not pure white noise – because it usually has some distinctive features such as the individual pitter patter of drops – but it masks external distractions in the same way.

It helps to block out the sound pollution of the external world, and in turn brings your mind into the present moment.

How to Use This Meditation

We recommend using Theta Rain for general relaxation purposes and for meditation practice.

Some might also find it useful to listen to in the evening, to quieten an overactive mind and prepare the brain for sleep.

Indeed, it can make for a good pairing with our sleep recordings.

You can sit or lie down while listening. All you need to do is slip on your headphones and press play.

You can also listen to the Theta Rain meditation without headphones while you work, while you read, or if you'd like to have some calming ambience in the background while you paint, write, or enjoy any other creative exercise.


Enjoy the deeply relaxing sound of tropical rainfall. Download Theta Rain now.