Theta Waves

If you want to buy theta binaural beats, look no further than our extensive music catalogue. Our music features theta frequencies under blissful ambient music.

We specialise in theta wave music and have numerous recordings that will help your life in many ways, both mentally and physically.

Here's an overview of theta waves and how the theta binaural beats in our music can benefit your life:

Theta waves are associated with deep relaxation, meditation, connection to the subconscious mind and the early stages of sleep – cycles 1 and 2. When in Theta, the brain cycles at 4-8 cycles per second, producing slow brainwaves.

An example of being in the theta state would be something like this: when you are sitting down and your eyes draw a focus on a space in front of you. You aren't looking at anything in particular but you are fixated and either thinking of nothing in particular or in deep thought; so much so that everything else around you — poeple talking, the TV, any external noise — does not disturb you. You are deeply relaxed but not sleepy.  This is a meditative type of state.

This deeply relaxing state is the perfect canvas for meditation and hypnosis and accessing states of higher consciousness and spiritual connections.

Entering the theta state gives us opportunity to access the subconscious mind; essentially providing a bridge between the part of our mind that lies between the conscious and the unconscious – where we retain memories and feelings and hold deep seated beliefs and behaviors (both positive and negative).

Theta is also associated with creativity and characterized by feelings of inspiration and intuition. This makes absolute sense, since being relaxed and allowing ourselves to be fully present and let go of our pre-programming. It unlocks our intuition and leads to a flurry of inspiration and creative thoughts.

For this reason, theta binaural beats are popular with meditators, hypnotists, writers, painters, artists and spiritual beings of all walks of life.

In our catalogue of theta binaural beats, we have music for meditation, deep relaxation and chilling out, anxiety release, spiritual and divine/Earthly connections, love attraction and even for the relief of Tinnitus – which theta helps with at around 5-6 Hertz.

Regular use of our theta meditations will promote the following benefits:

  • A reduction is feelings of stress and anxiety.
    Deep physical relaxation and subsequent mental clarity that leads to better decision making.
  • Better mental performance in terms of studying and retaining of information, due to greater synchronization of the two hemispheres of the brain.
  • Increased creative vision and inspired thoughts driven by greater intuitive direction

When you download one of our theta wave recordings, you will receive a 30-minute and 1-hour version of the music. You will also receive a user guide that shows you how to get the most our of your theta binaural beats music.