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Mp3 Download Instructions

The links to download your mp3(s) are contained within the body of your confirmation email.

We have provided two download link options to suit your device/user preferences.

Please read the options below before downloading your mp3(s).

1. If you are familiar with downloading Zip (or Rar) files, you can use the Zip file download option. This is the fastest option (1-3 minutes per file) because the Zip file compresses the audio inside a folder that can then be unzipped on your computer.

2. The second option will download the files in their raw file format (mp3). This option is ideal for those unfamiliar with the Zip file option above.

On some computers, clicking the raw mp3 file links will prompt the file to open in your browser window and start playing. You can avoid this by simply ‘right-clicking’ on the file name and selecting “Save link as” to save the file to your computer.

You can also use the direct link option to stream the files from WIFI or 3G/4G in your web browser on your phone or tablet device. Just click on the file once to open it in the browser window.

**If you are using an iOS device such as an iPad, iPod or iPhone, please read the guide provided in the link at the bottom of this page.

Zip File Download Instructions:

1. Click the Zip file link.

2. In the dialogue box that pops up on your computer, select the desired download location where you would like to store the files on your computer.

3. Click save and wait for the download to complete.

4. Locate the Zip file on your computer and ‘double click’ the file.

5. You now have the option to select a folder to unzip the MP3(s) to.

6. You can now transfer the MP3(s) to any digital device you like, or listen on your computer via iTunes, Windows Media Player, or other audio playback program.

**Please note that on a Macintosh computer, double clicking a Zip file will prompt the file inside to be unzipped in the same location as the Zip file itself.

Android & iOS User Guide:

Please read this instruction guide if you are having trouble downloading the MP3(s) onto an Android or iOS device (iPad/iPhone/iPod).

Technical Support:

If you experience any problems with your download please contact us using the contact form provided here. © 2011-2021. Mindful Media.

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