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Using Mother Nature’s Music to Cultivate Mental Peace

In the modern day humans are moving further away from the natural world. From eating and sleeping habits to work and play, we are engaging in a lifestyle far removed from our primal roots.

Due to electricity and melatonin-zapping tech devices we stay up later and sleep less. We work longer hours, we exercise less and many of us go months without seeing outside of the concrete jungle.

And so it’s no wonder we crave mental spaciousness, and no wonder we crave hobbies that reconnect us with the natural world; activities like walking and hiking in national parks, swimming, gardening and on a more spiritual level, meditation.

Connecting with Mother Nature is a great healer of stress, something the majority of us suffer from, usually without realizing it.

It’s a release, a defragmentation of the mind that brings metal peace and spaciousness, an opportunity to reconnect with every other living organism in the natural world; an opportunity to become an intrinsic part of nature again, for a while.

Feeling at One with the World

There are numerous ways to connect with Mother Nature through physical activity, like a simple stroll in a park, for example, but these aren’t always readily available to us, particularly during busy periods of life when we are restricted by work.

One way of finding mental spaciousness amidst the chaos is by listening to music inspired by Mother Nature. This is an effective way of bringing technology and the natural world together.

By simply loading up your iPod or mp3 player with some meditation or natural ambience music means you can stop for 15 minutes or so during the day and take time out to bring your mind to centre, letting go of all the daily stresses that pull your mind in different directions.

The beauty is that music can be listened to anywhere, at anytime, sitting down or on the go.

A number of our binaural meditations use a soundscape of natural ambience. We find that natural ambience like rainfall, forest sounds, wind, streams and soothing animal noises help people turn the mind inwards.

Like sitting on a seashore listening to the waves, there’s nothing quite like the great outdoors to make you feel at one with the world.

Rest in the Sounds of Mother Nature

The mind finds pleasure resting in the comfort of the sounds of Mother Nature. Such ambience has hypnotizing properties, allowing the mind to escape the gasping and striving of the superficial world, and instead rest in just being in the moment, unattached, non-judgmental and fully present.

The ambient music also complements the binaural beats sound waves that run underneath our recordings. This is because natural ambience is gentle on the ear, which means no bass-heavy frequencies that spoil the relaxation required for optimum brain entrainment.

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