How can I gift music to a friend?

If you would like to gift our special music to a friend, there are three options to choose from:

1. You can checkout using the email address of the person you want to send the gift to. There is also a box in the checkout where you can leave a message for the recipient. The recipient will receive an order confirmation email containing the download links.

2. You can use your email address so that the order is delivered to you, and then you can forward that email to the recipient of the gift.

3. You can use your email address so that the order is delivered to you, and then you can message us and ask us to forward the order to the person with a personal message of your choice.


Can I build my own Mega Meditation Pack?

Yes. We understand that there might be a download you don't want in the pack, and one that you do want in that isn't in there already.

To create your own Mega Pack, simply add 12 downloads of your choice to the cart and the same discount will be applied.

Please note that the discount won’t be fully applied until the 12th download is added to the cart. Click here to start building your own Mega Pack.


What format & quality are your downloads?

We provide our music in .mp3 format, at 320 Kbps. This is the highest quality .mp3, and much higher than the majority of download stores. This not only means a better listening experience, but also more effective brainwave entrainment.


Do you sell your music in CD format?

We don't sell our music on CD format, quite simply because there isn't enough demand. These days people prefer to download music to their computer, tablet or phone, and if they want a CD version, they'll just burn one off.

Demand aside, if we were to sell CDs, we would only be able to provide .mp3 format CDs, which not every CD player supports.

This is because standard audio CD format would only enable us to fit one or two tracks onto a CD. A CDR is 74 minutes long, and we provide a 30-minute and 1-hour version of every track; so we couldn’t even fit those two versions of the one track (product) on a CD for you.

However, if you have a CD burner drive on your computer, you are more than welcome to create a CD yourself.


What sounds/music do your meditations contain?

Our music contains calming meditative music and/or natural ambience  We pride ourselves on creating a composition that complements the desired brain state and is pleasurable to listen to.

To assist in achieving this, we tune our music to harmonise with the binaural beats frequencies underneath the track, so as not to cause dissonance (lack of harmony) between the two.

Each of our product pages contains a 1-minute sample of the music for you to listen to. Simply click here to go to the store, then click on a product to open its page, and press play on the player at the top of the page.


How often can I use the music?

We recommend starting with around 3 sessions per day.

We recommend developing a daily routine based around the goals that you are targeting, so choose a listening a routine that complements your desired goals.

For example: you might choose to listen to Deep Meditation in the morning, Zen Focus while at work (around 10-11am), Chill Pill to relax when you get home to de-stress after work, and Deep Sleep in bed while reading a book.

Once you see positive change in a particular area, you can choose to move on and try a different recording for a different purpose.

For example: if you have been starting your day with Deep Meditation for two weeks in a row, you might choose to change your routine and start the day with Abundance Meditation.

Simply adapt your listening routine to suit your current situation and the goals you are targeting.

However, it is a good idea to focus on a similar listing routine for at least three days or more, and in some cases 1 to 2 weeks depending on what your goals are and how difficult it is to change any negative behavioral patterns that you have been used to.

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