Can I build my own Mega Pack?

Yes. We understand that there might be a download you don't want in the pack, and one that you do want in that isn't in there already. To create your own Mega Pack, simply add 12 downloads of your choice to the cart and the same discount will be applied. Please note that the discount won’t be fully applied until the 12th download is added to the cart. Click here to start building your own Mega Pack.

What format and quality are your downloads?

Our downloads are provided in 320 Kbps Mp3 format. This is the highest quality possible, and much higher than the majority of download stores. Encoding at such a high level not only means a better listening experience, but also more effective brainwave entrainment.

Is listening to binaural beats safe?

Yes. 100% safe. The technology has been around since 1973, and is used by millions of people the world over. However, we do request that those with epilepsy and pregnant women consult a physician before using our products.

What is binaural beats meditation – can I have some more information?

Sure. Click here to visit the About Page for an easy to understand explanation.

How often can I use the meditations?

We recommend not using more than 3 meditations in a day. Personally, I stick to a maximum of two, because if I've entrained my brain for wakefulness in the morning due to being really tired, I won't want this interfered with well into the afternoon, at which point I might use Power Nap for a rest, or perhaps Chill Pill to end my day with.

Simply choose the track best suited to what you want to achieve for that period of the day, but don't overload using different recordings because you will counteract the entrainment of the last. So, as an example of a schedule, you might use Zen Focus while at work, Chill Pill when you get home to relax, and Deep Sleep before bedtime.

Do I need expensive headphones?

No. Just a standard pair of headphones is fine. Here are the minimum requirements we recommend:

  • Standard earbuds (in the ear) or standard headphones (outside the ear).
  • A reasonable length of cord to allow you to be comfortable while connected to your computer, iPod/mp3 player.
  • Preferably no bass boost, noise cancelling or other audio manipulation feature. However, newer noise cancelling headphone models with advanced detection technology are usually okay, but please email us with the model number and we'll check for you.

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