Can I sell via third party services like CDBaby/TuneCore/Distrokid?

Third party services like CDBaby, TuneCore and Distrokid enable you to distribute and sell your music via iTunes and streaming services like Spotify.

While we allow you to distribute a CD of your work featuring the music you have licensed from us via your website or directly to your clients, we do not allow you to distribute the music for the purpose of selling on iTunes (or other download store) or for streaming on services like Spotify.

So, yes, you could use CDBaby to sell a physical CD copy of your work, but you would not be permitted to use their digital download service to distribute the work to online music services. You can, however, sell downloads from your website, provided you keep track of sales and do not exceed the permitted usage quota of your license agreement.


Are there any additional license fees?

Once your initial payment is received you will not have to pay any further fees. This is true royalty free meditation music, which means that it is not registered with any performing rights organisations (PRS, ASCAP, BMI, etc.,) and therefore you will not have to pay performance royalties.


How long does the license last for?

This license has no expiry date. Provided that your payment is received in full and excepting any instance in which you breach the terms of this license agreement, you can continue to use the music indefinitely.


Can I edit the music?

You can edit our music by looping it, cutting it, applying fade ins, fade outs and transitions from one track to another, but you must not add additional sounds or instrumentation to the composition itself.


Can I leave parts of the music naked (standalone) in my recording?

You must not leave the music “naked” (without an accompanying voiceover) for longer than 2 minutes at any interval. And the entire duration of the music must contain at least two thirds of voice-over.

For example, you could create a 30-minute hypnosis recording in which 20 minutes in total contains your voice, and the remaining 10 minutes is broken up in intervals of silence for no longer than 2 minutes at a time.


Can I burn the music to CD, or send it to someone by USB?

You can burn a CD or DVD, transfer the music to a portable storage device such as a USB flash drive, and transfer the music via online file transfer services.

However, you can only send the music to persons who are directly involved in the development of your products or projects.

We expect you to take all reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized copying and distribution of our music.

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