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What makes your subliminal audio different from other stores?

All our music is produced by professional musicians. Our production team has extensive experience in the production of meditation/brainwave entrainment music. This experience also encompasses subliminal messaging audio and guided meditation audio.

In addition to our professionalism and longstanding reputation for high quality music products, which are used all over the world by individuals, therapists and businesses, our subliminal messaging audio tracks are unique because each one is crafted with an individual sound design.

What you will generally find with other stores selling this type of music is that they use the same sound design for each subliminal audio. This usually consists of rain, ocean sounds or other natural ambience. So the user will be listening to the same backing track every time they purchase a new subliminal product.

All of our products have a unique sound design and are specially composed to harmonise and complement the intended state of mind. We do this by carefully selecting the right instruments, tuning the music to specific frequencies, and harmonising all of the sound within the track so that it is pleasant to listen to and doesn't contain any dissonance.


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