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How does subliminal audio messaging work?

Without getting too technical, the positive affirmations contained within the music are first recorded normally, and then modulated above the threshold of human hearing. This means that the messaging will bypass the conscious mind but still be deciphered by the brain and the subconscious mind.

The human hearing threshold is around 20 kHz. However, some people will struggle to hear above 18 kHz, particularly because as we get older our hearing declines. Those listening to the silent version of the recording that we provide you with,  who have very good hearing, may hear the occasional slightly high-pitched sound, similar to a cricket. If you hear this it means you are just about picking up on the high-end frequencies of the affirmation, but the messaging will still bypass your conscious perception and penetrate the subconscious.

In addition, some headphones exaggerate high-end frequencies; this is common in cheaper versions of earbuds. So if you are wearing a pair of these you may also occasionally hear the slightly high-pitched sound

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