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Overcome Your Fear of Flying with Our Special Music

We get a lot of emails from people asking whether our meditations can be used to treat various forms of anxiety, and one form that often comes up is fear of flying, also known as airplane anxiety.

This is quite a unique form of anxiety because many sufferers of flight fear experience no other anxiety in their life, which is unusual because anxiety usually manifests itself in a number of areas rather than one specific area.

The reason for this anxiety is undoubtedly because flying is such an unnatural situation for humans, and puts us in a state of sheer vulnerability.

Even though plane crashes are rare – far rarer than car accidents – that doesn't stop the mind racing out of control with all sorts of negative thoughts regarding what could go wrong.

Long haul flights present anxiety for many because of the prolonged flight duration. Take offs and landings are also nervous moments as that awkward heavy machine takes/leaves the sky. The brain just can't compute; how is it possible for all those people and all that baggage to stay up in the sky that long!

Feeling trapped is a big issue for many anxiety sufferers, particularly those with claustrophobia. On a plane there is nowhere to go once it takes off; you can't ask the pilot to land and the only refuge is a small toilet.

So it's no wonder many people, even those without pre-existing anxiety, develop a fear of flying. It doesn't help either when the television constantly shows air crash investigation documentaries and re-enactments of the terrorist atrocities of 9-11. Let's face it, if we're honest, we are all a little fearful of being up in the sky on a huge, heavy plane.

The Problem with Sedatives for Fear of Flying

Some people resort to sedatives and anti-anxiety pills to knock them out for the journey, but this presents a number of problems. It means you can't be disturbed, which is an issue if you have kids to care for or are flying with friends or relatives, and if flight staff need to wake you up.

It's also a problem because you'll miss the food, and feel really groggy and tired when you land. Meditation, on the other hand, presents a natural alternative for relieving fear of flying.

Of course, we don't expect you to sit cross-legged at the airport or on the plane reciting mantras, and we doubt that amidst your worried thoughts you'd be able to concentrate on emptying the mind.

However, with our recordings, which are designed to manipulate brain state, you can quickly calm your nerves and stop shaking, feelings of sickness, sweating and general worry in just ten minutes or so.

How Does it Work?

For a breakdown of exactly how the science works you can jump to this page. But in short, any recording that emits Theta frequencies will help you relax. The Theta state is the state the brain is in when it is aware, but calm and meditative.

Listening to our Anxiety Release meditation, which will put you into a state of relaxation in preparation for your flight. The recordings are designed with a tranquil, serene soundscape highly-conducive to calming the nervous system and stopping the mind from creating panic through persistent negative thought processes.

The great thing about our downloads is that you can listen to them the moment the journey begins, which means the night before (Blissful Sleep), the morning of the flight, on the way to the airport and on the plane.

Being afraid of flying needn't ruin your holiday. All you need is an Mp3 player (iPod, Smartphone or Tablet will do), a pair of headphones and a Theta meditation designed for relaxation. Just press play and lose yourself in the meditation.

Before you know it your mind will stop racing and, even though you probably still won't be a fan of flying, you will be calm enough to clear security without heavy breathing like an exhausted dog!

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